Seamless Infotech is managed by experienced leadership team blessed with technical and commercially sound resources equipped for delivering last mile complex enterprise IT solutions.

Data Center Solutions:

In today’s fast-paced environment, most of your critical operations revolve around technology. And for that technology to work seamlessly with your business goals, you need an infrastructure that is resilient enough to support your ever changing organizational needs.

At Seamless Infotech, we offer solutions to help you further your goals. We have specialized teams that can analyse your network environment, design the network and weave appropriate solutions around it, implement best practices and deploy right solutions while managing them through their lifecycle. With our solutions you can experience superior scalability, simplified management, and streamlined operations.

Our portfolio of integrated infrastructure and service solutions delivers consistent, highly secure, and reliable business results. We help you simplify your IT, gain agility and scalability to support your organisational goals.

Information Software & Security:

We all know, there are no second chances in Information Security. As disruptive technologies continue impacting security strategies and add to the complexity of IT security needs of organisations, today’s threat landscape is even more dynamic. Information security remains at the forefront of organizational concerns.

There is no single solution that can protect people, data and organization. In partnership with the world leading security technology providers, Seamless Infotech brings to you Information Security solutions that address the core security needs of the organisation while closely aligning the business objectives.

Enterprise Networking:

Today’s offices make ever-increasing use of online resources. Today’s web applications call for new thinking about network architecture. The need of the day is a network that is reliable, secure, fast which keeps businesses running smoothly. Today, we don’t have time for downtime.

With such intense load on the network determining optimal network design and ensuring availability, reliability and scalability is of paramount importance. Seamless Infotech provides you with the most comprehensive product combinations in Switching, Routing and Wireless networking. We help you take control of your networks while gaining an increase in performance with cost-effective, high performance investment.

Performance Management:

Networks form the backbone of any organization's IT infrastructure and Applications are the nervous system. With enterprises heavily dependent on reliable delivery of business-critical applications, it is imperative that the end users remain unaffected due to network or application performance issues.

A network is prone to many errors that can seriously impact its performance. Any disruption can negatively impact productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. Monitoring and improving network and application performance becomes absolutely essential to keep businesses up and running at all times to ensure service level agreements (SLA) are maintained and smooth delivery of business critical solutions occur.

Proactive Network and Application performance management helps IT organizations manage the performance of business critical applications to meet the demands of customers and maintain SLAs. It makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze what’s happening across your enterprise network environment and determine the cause of any application slowdowns or availability problems and resolve them faster. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues and prevent or minimize any impairments in no time.

Cloud computing & Virtualization

With the new and disruptive technologies hitting the market every now and then and increasing the demand for performance and reliability of IT assets, it is critical for the organisations to keep up with the pace to gain competitive edge. While this sounds simple, in reality upgrading the IT infrastructure to accommodate a new technology every time would be an expensive affair. In the times when the focus is on reducing the Capex and IT expenditure, it becomes even more challenging to cope up. This calls for new approaches towards IT management that helps find the right balance.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization technology give businesses access to vastly increased storage, computing and networking hardware. Essentially, you get to leverage on highly advanced technology without the associated hardware and software spend. Transitioning to the cloud is secure and cost effective. Business becomes more mobile, and the cloud makes it easier to collaborate.

Our cloud solutions improve availability of critical applications and streamlines app deployment and migration and offer the right cloud infrastructure and management solutions to support your digital journey with exceptional performance, enterprise-grade agility and reliability, and flexible consumption models.

Hyper Convergence:

Hyper-convergence is a type of modular infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources and other technologies in a hardware appliance supported by a single vendor. In simple words, it is the embodiment of the software-defined data center which provides the flexibility and agility that business demands from IT.

Hyperconverged infrastructure helps significantly in reducing IT costs and complexity while increasing productivity, scalability, operational efficiency, data protection and agility. It also helps with faster deployment, centralized systems and management, easy automation and resource sharing.

Seamless Infotech offers leading Hyperconverged solutions under one roof and also offers allied services and consulting solutions to ensure you have a hassle-free migration to most futuristic technology.

Managed Services:

IT departments face a constant influx of new challenges, from acquisition and merging of business units and new regulatory requirements to shorter product lifecycle and increasing competition. IT leaders are at an inflection point in terms of making the right technology investments, delivering value and building a future-ready IT landscape. But their ability to respond efficiently is often limited by technical workloads, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions, causing delays and implementation shortfalls.

As the challenge of managing IT becomes increasingly complex, a managed service provider can help to significantly reduce costs and streamline enterprise management of IT operations. Managed Services partner can provide cost savings while delivering value and driving innovation and transformation at the same time.

By enabling you to offload IT infrastructure, a managed service provider can help you avoid the need to continually deploy, maintain and upgrade to new technologies and free up your IT bandwidth to help you focus on critical project activities. They also help you optimize your current business processes so you can effectively address both current and future challenges.

Some of the key benefits include mitigation of capital expenses, faster time-to-value, superior client service, one single point of contact, standardised Service Level Agreements and optimized utilization of human resources.

Thanks to Seamless Infotech’s vast experience and know-how, we provide full spectrum of IT Infrastructure Management services and support for multi-supplier solutions assuring peace of mind. Be it on site or off site, we function as the company’s IT Department – from monitoring through to maintenance. With specialized capabilities spanning data center, end user computing, networks, managed services, cloud, consulting and system integration, we help businesses transform their vision into reality.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Enterprise Server Management
  • Network Management Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Helpdesk Management Services
  • IT Network Management
  • Infra. Implementation
  • Platform Migration
  • Security Audits
  • Server Administration
  • Network Administration
  • IT Process Consulting
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Consultancy Services:

In a digital age, technology is a critical enabler of business transformation and growth. When it works well, technology helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to innovate and develop products at a faster pace. To quickly turn IT advances into competitive advantages, you need an IT consulting partner with innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise.

With decades of experience of the management team in IT consulting, Seamless Infotech offers its expert consulting services across various industries like Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Services, Hospitality, Retail, AMC's to name a few. Our IT Consulting team provides clients with access to a specialised group of highly skilled and certified professional resources experienced in a range of programme and project-related activities including:

  • Cyber and IT security;
  • Change/Risk management;
  • Project lifecycle management;
  • Project and delivery frameworks;
  • IT strategy;
  • IT Performance Improvement
  • IT M&A
  • IT Project Effectiveness

Seamless Infotech consultants define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects. Our approach reduces the risk of mid-course corrections and delivers more predictable outcomes.

Our consultants help clients to identify the optimal future state of IT, aligned with business needs, and to develop an implementation blueprint. They understand the typical operational challenges and issues that organizations face once they decide to go for the integration of their processes with the IT systems.

Our team includes technology professionals that have completed many successful engagements across industries and technologies. We draw on this experience to help solve companies' most complex technology-related challenges. We work with you to assess your current IT situation, delivering expert insight and robust recommendations that strengthen your decision-making, in alignment with your business and technology strategies.

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